Ivana Sewart


Hey EvantoDesk Crowd!

Simple, Simple, Simple. The word we like best so we keep saying it!

We’ve simplified a number of processes over the past few days and have also added some neat features to speed things up for you guys.

This is in preparation for our new UI phase roll-out later next week.

New features:

We were able to roll out a couple of quick wins this week.

1.0 Email notifications.

New ticket and new reply notifications now include not only the subject but also the content of the ticket or reply:


Ticket #198491 has a new reply.


Rear Wheel Suspension

Yes please! I’d love to order those. Can you send me the link?




2.0 Merge Tickets From Inbox

You can now merge tickets from the inbox. The new UI roll out will include a drag and drop facility to achieve the same thing.

Simply click on the 3-dot menu for the ticket you want to merge. Then follow the on-screen instructions.

As ever we welcome your feedback.

A review of the new roll-out UI next up!

Until then, have a great weekend.

About the author: Ivana Sewart is the Head of Customer Service at EvantoDesk.com (simple help desk software for small and medium sized businesses). Ivana is passionate about perfecting the customer experience.