Ivana Sewart

Is time real?

Yes it is.

Well, maybe not according to some Quantum Physicists, but,  in relation to EvantoDesk, then yes, it is real! Real time in fact.

We are moving our reports to real-time and I just wanted to let you know of our progress.

We aim to have this work complete and on the live system w/c 16th July.

We’ll still have the stats you need in an easy to read format, so you can ensure your customer service is tip-top and ahead of the game.

I’ll be posting an extensive blog shortly which will list all of our current developments.

The post won’t even mention time or Quantum Physics so don’t worry!

Please check back here early next week.

I’ll leave you an image of the inscription on my local clock tower.

It reads ‘Time flies, don’t delay’!

Until next week!

About the author: Ivana Sewart is the Head of Customer Service at EvantoDesk.com (simple help desk software for small and medium sized businesses). Ivana is passionate about perfecting the customer experience.